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12/16/14 Volvo Will Try to Reinvent Auto Marketing With New Strategy

12/16/14 This Chart Shows What Marketers Talked About Most in 2014

12/16/14 These 10 Toy Brands Are Winning Social Media For The Holidays

12/16/14 Why Coupons Rule as Marketing Tools [Infographic]

12/12/14 Hilary Swank, Mariska Hargitay Join 'Speechless' NFL Campaign

12/12/14 2014: The Tipping Point For Mobile

12/11/14 J&J Taps Former P&G Exec Behind Tide Pods for Top Consumer Role

12/11/14 Smart Moms and Smartphones Make the Season Jolly and Bright

12/11/14 Can Marketers Use Big Data Without Comprising Privacy?

12/10/14 Toys Are More Divided By Gender Now Than They Were 50 Years Ago

12/10/14 Advertisers Will Spend Nearly $600 Billion Worldwide in 2015

12/10/14 Why Millennials Engage With Brands on Social Media

12/10/14 Content Overload (and Other Marketing Challenges)

12/09/14 State Farm's Latest Push Shows It's Not Just an Auto Insurer

12/09/14 Walgreens Promotes Digital Health With Wearable Tech, Virtual Doctor Visits

12/08/14 Meet Toshiba Medical's Secret Content-Marketing Weapon

12/08/14 Prime Directive: Why Amazon is Now in the Diapers and Baby Wipes Business

12/08/14 Starbucks Wants to Be Fancy Again

12/05/14 Lego Finally Makes an Inspiring, Empowering TV Ad for Girls

12/05/14 Uses Beauty Giveaways to Collect Consumer Data

12/05/14 2014 Retrospective On Marketing-to-Mom Research

12/04/14 Bing Driving High-Quality Traffic

12/04/14 Peace, Love, And Branding: The History Of Ben & Jerry's In 3 Minutes

12/04/14 Feliz Navidad: Hispanic Holiday Spending Up Sharply

12/04/14 Target Woos Parents With Mobile, In-Store Games for Kids

12/04/14 Gap's Global CMO to Depart Early Next Year

12/03/14 Biggest Change in Marketing in Last 50 Years Might Get Lost in Translation

12/03/14 Hispanics Prefer Ads In English, Shopping On Laptop

12/02/14 Making an Authentic Millennial Mom-Brand Connection

12/02/14 Storytelling With Impact: Brands Step Up For #GivingTuesday

12/02/14 Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot Most Efficient Advertisers

12/01/14 Black Friday Flopped And Cyber Monday Might Go Away. Here’s Why

12/01/14 With Digital Cookie, Girl Scouts USA Takes Online Cookie Sales National

12/01/14 Retailers Report Weak Shopper Turnout During Black Friday Weekend

11/30/14 Walmart, Target report strong online Thanksgiving sales

11/27/14 Beauty Brand Creates Campaign to Combat Mental Illness

11/24/14 Making Millennial Moms Merry

11/24/14 Target Identifies the Hottest Retail Tech 18 Months Before It's Cool

11/24/14 With New Commissioners, MLB and the NBA Rethink Their Marketing

11/24/14 Using Data and Marketing Tech to Reach Empowered Customers

11/24/14 When Are Holiday Shoppers Buying This Year?

11/21/14 LeapFrog launches online safety guide for kids and parents

11/21/14 How Moms Use Smartphones to Shop

11/21/14 Volkswagen Putting Huge Investment In Eponymous Brand

11/19/14 Making Millennial Moms Merry

11/19/14 Hasbro Helps Kids With Disabilities Learn To Play

11/19/14 Is Multitasking with Mobile Helping Mothers?

11/18/14 Forget Family Dinner: Wake Up and Bond - Breakfast is as good a time as dinner to connect.

11/18/14 Is Your Marketing Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?

11/18/14 14 Marketing Tactics to Drive Online Sales [Infographic]

11/17/14 Early Holiday Promotions Eat Away Black Friday Sales

11/17/14 Target’s New Mobile App Maps Stores

11/17/14 Five Ways to Win Customer Loyalty

11/17/14 Ways Millennial Moms Are Using Their Smartphones Smarter Than You

11/17/14 Storytelling Versus Storymaking

11/14/14 Moms Are On The Move ... But Health And Fitness Trackers Aren't Keeping Up

11/13/14 Mothers Primed for Mobile Health Opportunities

11/12/14 With Sales Off, Macy's Looks To New Marketing Efforts For Holiday

11/12/14 Mobile Shopping Behavior During the Holiday Season

11/12/14 Internet Advertiser Nightmare: DoubleClick Outage Briefly Removed Ads From Websites

11/11/14 Hasbro reveals first female Captain Marvel action figure

11/11/14 Digital Marketing To Moms Vs. Digital Marketing To Women: Do Brands Need Disparate Strategies?

11/11/14 Customers vote with their fingers, as well as their feet

11/11/14 Top Five Questions Marketers Should Always Be Asking Themselves

11/11/14 Celebrity Endorsements Have the Potential to Transform a Brand

11/10/14 Kraft purges advertising companies as sales fall

11/10/14 Shoppers Still Spending Bulk of Holiday Budget In-Store

11/10/14 Brand Speak: Yahoo Insights Guru Lauren Weinberg on Engaging Millennials

11/10/14 US: Discovery Consumer Products signs new toy partners for Discovery Kids

11/10/14 Election Brings Uncertainty to Big Advertisers

11/10/14 How Jessica Alba Launched the Honest Company

11/10/14 Before Love, There Must Be 'Like'

11/09/14 Kohl's Upping TV Spend for Holiday Campaign

11/07/14 Already, Marketers Look Past Christmas to the Super Bowl

11/07/14 Millennial Mothers More Apt Than Other Mothers to Filter Out Advertising, Social Media Noise

11/07/14 Toys R Us To Open At 5 P.M. On Thanksgiving

11/07/14 The Auto Industry's Missed Opportunity: Female Consumers

11/05/14 How Consumers Feel About Sharing Data With Businesses

11/05/14 Superfans: A Brand's Biggest Ally

11/04/14 US Hispanic Mobile Buyers More Inclined to Buy, Research on Device

11/04/14 Sesame Workshop Bullish on Children’s Magazines

11/04/14 Where Is The Relief For The Busier-than-ever Mom?

11/04/14 Sustainable Brands: The Greening of Apple Under Lisa Jackson

11/03/14 Behind Successful Online Video Advertising

11/03/14 Marketing Still Uncoordinated At A Lot Of Companies

11/03/14 SheKnows Buys BlogHer to Bolster Native Content

11/02/14 POPSUGAR Plays Fave With Data In New Shopping App

11/02/14 Luxury Brands Are Still Casting a Leery Eye Toward Social Media

10/31/14 When Moms Defer To Digital Dads

10/31/14 Grocery aisle becomes battleground for food marketers

10/29/14 Ad of the Day: Crest Gets Kids All Jacked Up on Candy in Cute and Crazy Halloween Ad

10/29/14 British Airways Turns to Mum for Better Ecommerce

10/29/14 Fisher-Price Collaborates With Shakira

10/28/14 In-Store Pick-Up, Incentives, Social Are Key to Driving Holiday Sales

10/28/14 TV or Tablet? Kids' Brand Launches Big Screen Version for Family

10/28/14 Gatorade's Workplace Fitness Program Is Not Your Average Wellness Initiative

10/28/14 The Most Influential Candy Brands on Twitter [Infographic]

10/28/14 Blogs Give Real Boost to Brand Marketing

10/27/14 'L'Eggo My Eggo' Tagline Makes Comeback

10/27/14 Brands Find Sustainability Moving to the Top of Major CSR Initiatives

10/27/14 Marketing to Women: What to Do/What Not to Do... Without Appearing Too Contradictory

10/27/14 Pepsi to test its drinks in SodaStream machines

10/24/14 P&G Will Divest Duracell in Biggest Piece of Brand Culling

10/23/14 Coca-Cola Names New CMO As It Looks to Reinvigorate Brands and Sales

10/22/14 Target Outlines Pinterest Strategy

10/22/14 Flexibility is key to grocers’ success in retail meal solutions

10/22/14 Do Mothers Need Some Time Away from Social Media?

10/21/14 Whole Foods launches its first national ad campaign

10/21/14 Chobani to roll out yogurt for babies

10/20/14 Spotify Is the Latest Company to Acknowledge the Existence of Families

10/20/14 Untapped Resource: The Power Of Women In The Sports Marketplace

10/20/14 CMOs More Accountable In Proving ROI, Yet Lack Resources To Execute

10/20/14 Brand Champions Boost General Mills

10/17/14 Beyond Product Reviews, Leveraging The Power Of Mom Bloggers

10/17/14 How Target Used Data Breach to Shake Up Its Brand

10/16/14 Brands Think Like Customers, But Do They Feel Like Them?

10/16/14 Brand Purpose, Brand Champions Drive General Mills

10/15/14 Women Have Growing Influence On Alcoholic Beverage Trends

10/15/14 IHeartMedia Taps Gayle Troberman as CMO

10/15/14 Martha Stewart Abandons DIY Approach to Magazine Business

10/15/14 Roku's New Video Ad Network Will Target Highly Specific Audiences

10/15/14 POM Wonderful returns to TV advertising

10/15/14 Autumn Is in the Air, but for Marketers, Christmas Has Already Begun

10/15/14 Family meals help in fight against childhood obesity

10/14/14 Your Logo Here: Advertising “Imminent” on NBA Jerseys

10/14/14 Millennials and Citizenship: It’s a Brand New Day for Marketers

10/14/14 Macy's To Kick Off Black Friday Earlier Than Ever

10/14/14 Kimberly-Clark's Total Market Approach

10/13/14 Marketing to Moms Via Bravo

10/13/14 Retailers Pin Hopes on Holidays After Sluggish Summer Sales

10/13/14 Upworthy Claims It Can Deliver Its Positive Spin for Brands

10/13/14 JCPenney Taps Home Depot Exec to Fix Its Brand

10/13/14 Why Brands Should Pay Attention to College Football

10/13/14 Plum Organics launching adult snacks, developing soup line

10/13/14 Fans Connect With Other Fans And Brands On Social

10/13/14 King's Hawaiian Runs Halloween Party Promo

10/10/14 The Other Side of the Fence: What A Brand Marketer Learned While Working For A Digital Publisher

10/08/14 6 Ways Retailers Can Win Forever Customers This Holiday Season

10/08/14 Anytime Fitness Looks Past Body Image In National Campaign

10/07/14 Marketing to Women, or Should I Say Marketing to People With a Female (or Male) Brain?

10/07/14 How Marketers Should Appeal to Women

10/07/14 Hey Brands, Here Are the Do's and Don't's of Working With BuzzFeed

10/07/14 Brand-Led Coalition Targets Millennials on Sustainability and Climate Change

10/07/14 Big Brands Team On Platform To Drive Sustainability

10/07/14 National Retail Federation Forecast: Best Holiday In A Decade

10/07/14 Sponsors Converge On 'espnW: Women + Sports'

10/07/14 Wal-Mart vows to create more sustainable food system

10/06/14 How The New Yorker Festival Has Become a Magnet for Brands

10/06/14 Honest Tea Freshens Up with New Logo, Packaging and Ingredients

10/06/14 Walmart launches food sustainability initiative

10/03/14 How Ads That Empower Women Are Boosting Sales and Bettering the Industry

10/03/14 Facebook Reportedly Working On Healthcare Features And Apps

10/03/14 The Millennial That Marketers Are Targeting Does Not Exist

10/03/14 The Millennial Mom Uses Pinterest All Along The Purchase Funnel

10/03/14 Marketers Must Go Multicultural

10/02/14 Awesome Girls Explain Why Sexist Advertising Has No Business In Their Lives

10/02/14 Americans Spending More On Snacks, Less On Actual Real Food

10/02/14 Walgreens Turns Wellness Coach With Help From WebMD

10/02/14 Newspaper Inserts Still Have Their Perks

10/02/14 Mondelez to partner with Google for video ads

10/01/14 Why the Perfect Modern Creative Is Fierce, Fearless and Female

10/01/14 Pampered pets lap up top-of-the-line food

10/01/14 Always-On Marketing to the Always Connected: Five Ways to Tap Into Your Customers' Thinking

10/01/14 Moms tell PBH about fresh produce challenges

9/30/14 Dove Shows Moms Just What They're Teaching Their Girls About Beauty

9/30/14 Are Marketers (Finally) Realizing That Stereotyping Women Doesn't Work?

9/30/14 Boy Scouts Targets Millennial Parents in New Campaign

9/29/14 Women's Health Got 43,000 New Subscribers After Sponsoring a Birchbox Package

9/29/14 What Marketers Can Learn From the Fast-Casual Restaurant Boom

9/29/14 Brand Advocates Are Plentiful, Knowledgable

9/29/14 Digital Shoppers Less Interested In Social Media

9/29/14 Hispanic Millennials, Not What You Think

9/29/14 With New Ad Platform, Facebook Opens Gates to Its Vault of User Data

9/24/14 A Peek at ‘Big Data':Target, Walmart, and Your Kids’ Christmas Wish-Lists

9/24/14 FTC Warns 60 Top Advertisers About Ad Disclosure Flaws

9/24/14 When Parents' Think 'Healthy Fast Food,' Juice and Frozen Yogurt Win

9/24/14 Why Mindfulness Is The Next Revolution In Marketing

9/23/14 The Non-Creepy Future of Personalized Marketing

9/23/14 The Profile and Value of a Brand Enthusiast

9/23/14 Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper Pledge Calorie Reduction

9/22/14 Why Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel and Dylan Now Readily Sell Their Songs to Brands

9/22/14 Trademark Watch: Taylor Swift, Apple, Spanx and more

9/22/14 Kids' Smartphone, Tablet Usage Increasing

9/22/14 Troubled NFL Picks a Woman to Lead Marketing

9/22/14 Mothers Get Social on Smartphones

9/19/14 P&G's Crest Nixes On-Field NFL Plans in Wake of Abuse Scandal

9/19/14 Microbeads Burst Brand Bubbles Amid Growing Environmental Concerns

9/19/14 BI-LO banners double up on kid promotions

9/19/14 ConAgra Cross-Pollinates Promotions, Digital Teams

9/17/14 9 Women the NFL Should Consider for Next CMO

9/17/14 Facebook Marketing Boss Shares Three Lessons for Brands

9/17/14 Women 50 And Over Are Not Your Parent's Boomers

9/16/14 Pampers Gives Moms a Sweet Surprise on Their Baby's First Birthday

9/16/14 Will Gen Y Girlcott Topple Cover Girl? Or Roger Goodell?

9/16/14 Macy's, Sherwin Williams, Target Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

9/16/14 Packaged-Goods Marketers Wade Warily Into E-commerce

9/16/14 Safeway to discuss CPG partnerships

9/15/14 How GoldieBlox Went From A Scrappy Kickstarter To Making Important Toys For Girls

9/15/14 Infographic: Facebook’s Top Brands in August 2014

9/14/14 Meet the Man Who Unlocked the Secrets of Mobile Marketing

9/12/14 Mom's 'Backup Brain' - Why Smartphones Are Smart Media

9/12/14 Google Hires P&G's Top North America Media Executive

9/12/14 Can Snapchat Really Work for Marketing?

9/11/14 How to Reach US Female Millennials—It's Not Easy

9/11/14 Cereal Sales Keep Declining, So Some Brands Try Nostalgia

9/11/14 Retailers Get a Jump on Holiday Sales with Toy Previews, TV Ads

9/11/14 These Are The World’s Top 25 Brands You Should Be Working For

9/11/14 Retailers discuss Hispanic learnings

9/10/14 Women Are Now Winning 11% of Creative Director Awards, Up From 4% in 2004

9/10/14 Apple Hires Gap's Number Two Marketer

9/10/14 Volvo Fine Tunes its Logo Along with the Premiere of a New SUV

9/10/14 5 Keys to Successful Loyalty Programs

9/10/14 Walgreens Promotes 'Get a Shot. Give a Shot' Cause

9/10/14 The 1-2-3’s of Mom Engagement

9/10/14 Kraft Says It Gets Four Times Better ROI from Content Than Ads

9/10/14 Three Things Women Want Businesses to Know About Them

9/09/14 Kids Have Opinions About Smartphones; Tablets, Too

9/09/14 After Ray Rice, the NFL Needs to Go Big to Restore Brand With Women

9/09/14 General Mills Adds Annie's in Biggest Tilt Yet Toward Organics

9/08/14 A Recovery in Need of a Recovery: How Are American Families Doing? A Guided Tour of Our Financial Well-Being

9/08/14 Nissan creates tactical ad 7 mins after Royal baby No. 2 announcement

9/08/14 Whole Foods to offer delivery, pick-up with Instacart

9/08/14 Honey Maid Documentary Shows Divorced Families Are #NotBroken

9/07/14 Are You Selling a Product or a Mission?

9/07/14 Unlocking Growth in Online Retail

9/07/14 Marketing to Moms is $2.4 trillion business: Multitasking Moms and Dads

9/05/14 Women Are the Successes of the Summer Box Office

9/05/14 Dads Are Getting Schooled

9/04/14 Lego becomes world's biggest toymaker

9/04/14 Empty-Nester Women: Independent, Tech-Savvy, and Skeptical

9/03/14 Are You Really Connecting With The Connected Moms?

9/03/14 Five Branding Characteristics That Connect With Women (Without Losing the Men)

9/03/14 How the Girl Scouts Do Real-Time Social Marketing

9/03/14 CVS Bets On Anti-Smoking Positioning with Corporate Commitment to Health

9/03/14 Hispanic Shoppers Avoid Peanut Butter and Pretzels

9/03/14 Latino Food Shoppers Becoming Mainstream

9/03/14 Advertising: As Football Season Appears, So Do the Fall Campaigns

9/03/14 Female Empowerment in Ads: Soft Feminism or Soft Soap?

9/03/14 How Disney Has Managed to Keep 'Frozen' Red Hot

9/02/14 Moms Shopping for Baby Gear Are Swayed by Online Recommendations

9/02/14 A Look Back at Portrayals of Women in Advertising

9/01/14 Mattel reboots American Girl doll brand

8/30/14 11 Facts About Moms' Back-to-School Shopping [Infographic]

8/29/14 Back-To-School Is Tough On Parents, Kids ... And Retailers

8/29/14 Hershey Unwraps New Corporate Logo

8/29/14 Apple Blocks Developers From Selling User Health Data to Marketers

8/29/14 With Nearly 3 Billion Views, the Enigmatic 'DisneyCollector' Fascinates Children on YouTube

8/29/14 Snuggle, Jockey, Jolly Time Get Nostalgic in New Ads

8/28/14 Private-Label Lessons From The Mighty Ritz Cracker

8/28/14 Americans Prefer Online Browsing Over Buying

8/27/14 12 Marketers Already Experimenting With Instagram's Hyperlapse App

8/27/14 Coke Zero ad campaign ties brand to college football

8/27/14 Tiffany raises profit forecast as high-end jewelry sales climb - CNBC

8/27/14 What The Leaders Who Get It Right Know About Marketing To Women

8/27/14 What Brands Need to Know About Back-to-School Shopping Habits

8/27/14 Millennials Never Pay Cash

8/26/14 Nestlé Adopts Industry-Altering Commitment to Animal Welfare

8/26/14 Unilever, Kimberly-Clark Test Environment-Saving Innovations

8/26/14 Kids Head Back to School with Shiny New Devices

8/26/14 Marketers' Perceptions of Real-Time Marketing [Infographic]

8/25/14 Cruise Lines Want a New Kind of Passenger: Millennials

8/25/14 What Advertisers like Nine West Need to Know about Marketing to Women

8/25/14 Brands Put Wearable Tech On Display at the US Open

8/25/14 ModCloth Follows Dove, Aerie in Pursuit of Values-Based Branding

8/25/14 Should Brands Sell On Facebook?

8/25/14 Campaign Spotlight: Ore-Ida Campaign Focuses on Authenticity of Tater Tots

8/24/14 NFL Scores a Touchdown With Female Fans

8/22/14 Coca-Cola Plans Massive Sampling Support for U.S. Rollout of Low-Cal Life

8/22/14 NYC Regulation Would Ban Toys With Kids Meals

8/22/14 LeapFrog, Mia Hamm Partner To Get Kids Active

8/22/14 Smart Girls Prove Lucrative for Lego: Female Scientist Set Sells Out

8/22/14 Hain Celestial sees record sales year

8/22/14 Why retail marketers should be leading the way

8/21/14 Jenny Rosenstrach Keynotes M2Moms® Marketing to Moms Conference

8/21/14 Back-to-School Shopping Has Changed Forever

8/19/14 Advertising: Selling Milk to All Audiences, With a Unified Campaign

8/20/14 Family Circle Redesign Puts Focus on Nontraditional Families

8/20/14 Vine Just Got Much Better for Marketers

8/20/14 What the FTC L’Oreal Settlement Means for Beauty Advertising

8/20/14 Fisher-Price launches Discover Your Way campaign

8/19/14 Campbell to shutter Plum Baby UK

8/18/14 Study: 81% of CMOs Are Confident They'll Meet Revenue Goals

8/18/14 Study: One in Three Consumers Skip Back-to-School Shopping

8/18/14 $245,340: Cost of raising a child born in 2013

8/18/14 Five Ways Color Affects Brand Development

8/18/14 How to Develop Rapport With Influencers via Social Media

8/18/14 Chasing Customers, Marketers Beef Up On Digital Personalization

8/18/14 Amid Strong Sales, Nordstrom Launches Give-Back Brand

8/18/14 The Importance of the Female Football Fan

8/15/14 The 1-2-3's Of Mom Engagement

8/15/14 Is Product Placement the Savior or the Scourge of Entertainment?

8/14/14 89% of Back-to-School, Smartphone-Shopping Moms Looking for Coupons

8/14/14 Survey: Only 1% of Moms Will Use Twitter for Back-to-School Shopping

8/14/14 Back-to-School Shopping Trends [Infographic]

8/14/14 Maybe It's Time To Market To The Family?

8/14/14 Wal-Mart sales flat; new private label planned

8/13/14 Storyteller-in-Chief: A Conversation With Levi's Global CMO Jennifer Sey

8/13/14 Mondelez is mailing tiny Oreos to folks in small towns

8/12/14 CVS/pharmacy, Boys & Girls Clubs of America Pair Up

8/12/14 Dell Taps Defy Media for Back-To-School Campaign

8/12/14 American Heart Association Wants to Tug at Your Heartstrings

8/12/14 Five Ways Marketers Can Benefit From Online Reviews

8/11/14 Heirs of 'Aunt Jemima' sue PepsiCo, Quaker Oats

8/11/14 The 10 US Brands With the Most Positive Buzz

8/10/14 Mary Kay Makes Brand Integration Beautiful

8/08/14 Spoiler Alert: Millennials Watch TV Shows - Just Not On TV

8/7/14 Successful Marketing Dad Petitions Dove to get “More Real”

8/07/14 Federal Reserve Report: One-Quarter Of US Families 'Just Getting By'

8/07/14 Video Games Can't Afford to Ignore Women

8/07/14 Porsche Builds a Crossover to Win Women

8/06/14 Lego Looks to Encourage Girls to Pursue Science With New Set

8/06/14 Ad of the Day: A Girl Faces Her Monstrous Fears in Old Navy's Back-to-School Musical

8/06/14 Chobani, Jell-O score big in marketing deals with college teams

8/06/14 10 Tips for Your Back to School Marketing Plan

8/05/14 Apolo Ohno Fronts New Chocolate Milk Ad Campaign for MilkPEP

8/05/14 Cities Want Young Families to Play and Stay

8/05/14 PetSmart Searching for a New Creative Agency

8/05/14 Smartphone Users Really Don't Want Stores Stalking Them

8/04/14 Sunkist signs on with Sesame Street campaign

8/04/14 Jell-O Gives Sports Marketing a Shot With School Brand Molds

8/04/14 New Subway Campaign Spotlights Veggies

8/03/14 Why Jessica Alba Just Might Be Hollywood's Smartest Mommy Mogul

8/03/14 Instagram Marketing Is Quickly Catching Up to Facebook

8/01/14 P&G Will Merge or Divest More Than Half of Its Brands

8/01/14 Mondelez Shakes Up Marketing Department as CMO Departs

8/01/14 Why Consumers Participate in Loyalty Programs

7/31/14 Sprint's New Customized Plan Goes After Moms, Gives Data Away Dirt Cheap

7/31/14 Kellogg Switches Up Special K Marketing To Battle Cereal Woes

7/31/14 Old Navy CMO Aims to Lessen Brand's Reliance on TV

7/31/14 How Brands are Sneaking Ads onto Vine

7/30/14 Johnson's Baby Turns to Social-Media Transparency to Woo Millennial Moms

7/30/14 Whole Foods Sets First National Marketing Effort

7/25/14 McDonald's Will Spend the Next 18 Months Rebranding

7/25/14 Starbucks Looks to Share Its App Payment System With Other Retailers

7/25/14 Foursquare's New Look is All About the Brand Experience

7/25/14 Millennials: The WHY Behind Favorite Brands

7/25/14 Social TV Effort Is No Sweat for Clorox Bleach

7/25/14 3 Twitter Lessons From Brands That Have a Grip on Their Followers

7/25/14 Millennial Moms Survey Results Are In

7/24/14 LinkedIn Ads Can Be Tested and Targeted Like Never Before

7/24/14 Parents using Loom Bands to get children off tablets, says Kids Brand Insight study

7/24/14 Hershey Cuts Ad Spending Again in Second Quarter

7/24/14 DDB Adds Another Mars Brand

7/24/14 Small Box: Target, Walmart Invest in Smaller Stores in Attempt to Goose Sales

7/24/14 For Retail Brands, a Blend of In-Store and Online Can Get the Sale

7/24/14 Geico's Silly Ads Are Working

7/24/14 Millennials: Mexico's Digital Trendsetters

7/24/14 Best-Loved Grocers: Hy-Vee, Publix, Wegmans, Costco

7/24/14 TargetExpress Test Takes Aim At Gen Y

7/23/14 Applebee’s Forks Over its Instagram to Customers

7/22/14 Kellogg’s & The Mom Complex Show Marketers How Moms Insights Turn Into Immediate Sales

7/22/14 Bolthouse Farms Launches Kids’ Snack Line

7/22/14 Pinterest Hires the Man Behind Axe Marketing at Unilever

7/22/14 Paying for Premium: Do Name Brands Survive on Consumer Ignorance?

7/22/14 Campbell Soup promises 200 new products in effort to boost sales

7/21/14 There Is a Stunning Absence of Women at the Top of Companies That Market Products to Women

7/21/14 Storytelling Returns to Marketing

7/18/14 3 Shops Chase Tic Tac's Creative Business

7/18/14 Twitter Exec Shares Insights on Back-to-School Shopping

7/18/14 Retailers glean farmers market insight

7/17/14 Birchbox Scores with First Brick and Mortar Store

7/17/14 Toyota Sienna #SwaggerWagon Returns for Brand's First Online Reveal

7/17/14 How to Break Down Marketing Silos

7/17/14 To Win Hispanics, Brands Need Customized Strategies

7/17/14 JCPenney, Macy's, Sears Flexing BTS Muscles

7/17/14 Customer Experience, The 'Now' Marketing Tool?

7/16/14 Most Kids Eat Fruit, Veggies Daily: CDC – WebMD

7/16/14 How Women Are Changing The Way We Market

7/16/14 Marketers Still Struggling To Get Results From Content Marketing

7/16/14 Consumer Reviews and Retail Success

7/15/14 MasterCard Partners With Stand Up To Cancer

7/15/14 Americans have fallen out of love with gum, leaving mints to pick up the slack

7/15/14 GE's Head of Global Digital Programming Katrina Craigwell Reveals How To Attract Big Brand Attention

7/15/14 How Do I Look? What Girls and Moms Think About the Pressure to be Pretty [Infographic]

7/14/14 These Brands Want Girls to Care About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

7/14/14 So Long Soccer Mom? Carmakers Shift Marketing Aimed at Women

7/14/14 'I'm bored': Parents Spend More On Kids This Summer

7/14/14 Hearst Boasts Biggest September Ever

7/14/14 Lindt buys No.3 slot in US market with candy maker Russell Stover

7/11/14 Amazon Makes It Too Easy for Kids to Open Parents' Wallets, FTC Says

7/11/14 100 grocery chains & 30 national consumer brands to partake in Wounded Warrior Project cause marketing campaign

7/11/14 The (First) First Day of School: A Milestone For Mom - And An Opportunity For Marketers

7/11/14 Overspending? File that Under #MotherProblems

7/11/14 More Brands are Pinging Consumers with Help from Beacon Technology

7/10/14 Do Advertising's Viral Video Pitches to Women Have Staying Power?

7/09/14 Yes to Giving: Target Aims to Donate $25 Million to School Kids in Need

7/09/14 Univision’s World Cup Pitch to Women Pays Off

7/09/14 Former NBCU Exec Lauren Zalaznick Discusses Her Role With Refinery29

7/09/14 P&G Taps Twins For Latest Olay Effort

7/09/14 Mid-Year Report: Top Auto Brands Rated by Women when Purchasing

7/09/14 Target Turns to Cause Marketing for Back-to-School Season

7/09/14 Kate Juergens Stepping Down as ABC Family's Chief Creative

7/09/14 How Not to Annoy Grocery Shoppers via Mobile

7/09/14 General Mills' 150 new products target protein, snacking trends

7/08/14 Hoover, Dirt Devil and Oreck Get New Agency

7/08/14 Candymaker Mars Names Sandler Chief Health Officer

7/08/14 All By Myself: Brands Let Products Do the Talking in Hands-Off Sales Style

7/07/14 Biggest Retailers: Amazon In; McDonald's Out

7/07/14 Pet 'Humanization' A Boon For Marketers

7/06/14 Nielsen and Kraft Pilot New Brand Tracking Tool

7/06/14 Advertising: A Deluge of New Summer Programs Has TV Marketers Scrambling

7/05/14 Men vs. Women on Instagram [Infographic]

7/04/14 Dove's Rob Candelino Discusses Empowerment Marketing

7/03/14 Bayer to Buyers: Take Two Aspirin, We're Keeping Our Consumer Brands

7/03/14 Over 72 million kids interested in owning 'smart toys', says Interpret

7/02/14 How to Make (or Break) a Service Brand

7/02/14 Groupon Purchases Grocery Coupon App SnapSaves

7/01/14 Moms the Word, Experian Marketing Services Presents Marketing to Moms Insights at M2Moms® – The 10th Annual Marketing to Moms Conference

7/01/14 With Juicy Juice Sale, Nestlé USA Makes Good on Promise to Streamline Brands

7/01/14 Brand Loyalty is Largely Unconscious

7/01/14 Liberty Mutual Effort Stars 'Everyday Americans'

6/30/14 Fisher-Price Targets Millennial Moms for the Royal Baby's Birthday

6/30/14 Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for Sustainability

6/30/14 General Mills Is Serving Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions, to Younger Consumers

6/30/14 Publix to start offering personalized coupons

6/30/14 It's the End of 'Marketing' As We Know It at Procter & Gamble

6/30/14 Finally, Most Brands Measuring Social Content Effectiveness

6/30/14 Hamburger Helper Revamp Doesn't Lend It a Hand

6/30/14 TreeHouse Foods On A Health Kick, Buys Flagstone For $860 Million

6/30/14 Apple's Latest Ad Pitches the iPhone as a Parent's Best Friend

6/30/14 Triscuit, Martha Stewart Team On Recipe Contest

6/30/14 Jeep, Levi's, Coke Top Patriotic Brands

6/29/14 Walmart Promotes Women-Owned Businesses With New Product Logo

6/27/14 Peeps for Days: How the Favorite Easter Treat Became a Year-Round Staple

6/27/14 A 24-hour Rebrand, Courtesy of One Millionth Facebook Like

6/27/14 Entrepreneur Barbie Joins LinkedIn

6/27/14 Disney Hopes New (and Nostalgic) Formula Will Draw ‘Tweens’

6/27/14 P&G's Always Aims to Change What It Means to Be 'Like a Girl'

6/26/14 Quaker's Twitter TV Targeting Campaign Gets 16% Engagement Rate

6/26/14 Branding Responsibility: An Insider's Look at Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands

6/26/14 MtoM Consulting Speaking at M2Moms Conference 2014

6/26/14 Tea Marketers Should Focus On Kids, Parents

6/26/14 Yoplait dumps aspartame in bid to win back consumers

6/26/14 Hospitality: The Impact of Tech on Customer Loyalty

6/25/14 Here's Why Brands Are Speaking Spanish in General Market Ads

6/25/14 Cracker Jack turns to social media for ad campaign

6/25/14 Consumers Viewing Social As Customer Service Channel

6/24/14 Study: Teens Are Not Fleeing Facebook

6/24/14 Bees, Please: Cascadian Farms, Burt's Bees Make Saving the Bees Buzz-Worthy

6/24/14 Old Navy Taps Jimmy Kimmel For Flip-Flop Campaign

6/24/14 Sneakernomics: Marketing Sneakers To Women

6/24/14 Rite Aid Unwraps Next Generation Of Wellness Concept

6/24/14 How grocery retailers can deliver more value through personalized marketing

6/23/14 It Takes a Village: Millennial Moms Turn to Social, Forums and Friends for Decisions

6/23/14 Tweets, Likes, and Shares Don’t Make Us Buy Stuff, Americans Say

6/23/14 Millennials and their Love for Loyalty Programs

6/23/14 Food Trends: Get to know the millennial generation

6/23/14 The Psychology of Belonging: Why People Become Brand Fans

6/23/14 General Mills, Whole Foods Generate Buzz For Bees

6/19/14 One Big Marketer’s Challenge: Selling to Millennials

6/19/14 Kellogg, Nestlé, Mondelēz et al. Promise To Stop Certain Kids' Ads By 2018

6/19/14 Facebook's New Focus Changes the Game for Brand Advertisers

6/19/14 Four Food Bloggers Impacting the Food Industry

6/18/14 In Sequel to Viral Smash, Pantene Urges Women to Stop Apologizing

6/18/14 Major retailers agree to publish unit prices online

6/17/14 Big Brands Losing 'Responsible Consumption' Sales

6/17/14 Skechers Keeps Winning with Quirky Sponsorship Approach

6/16/14 How to Improve Your Web Ad's Chance of Going Viral

6/13/14 Sephora Heads to Australia with a Smart Marketing Strategy

6/13/14 Facebook’s Role Grows In The Grocery Aisle

6/12/14 4 Brands Bet on Social and Mobile to Boost Father’s Day Campaigns

6/12/14 Why Music Is an Effective Millennial Marketing Tool

6/11/14 From ‘Mister Mom’ to ‘Stay-at-Home Dad’

6/11/14 Avon Gets Lucky, Signs Sharapova For New Fragrance

6/11/14 Urban Outfitters Tries to Right Itself After Getting Lost in Fast-Fashion Frenzy

6/11/14 Why (and When) People Mention Companies Online

6/11/14 Food Retailing 2025: Shoppers Still Want the Basics, and Then Some

6/10/14 'The Fault in Our Stars' Numbers Prove Young Women Are The Hottest Box Office Demographic

6/10/14 Subway $5 Footlong Success Shows the Power of Simplicity

6/10/14 Teen Vogue Partners With Staples for Back-To-School

6/10/14 How Women and Men Use Social Media and Mobile [Infographic]

6/10/14 Pampers UNICEF Program Saves Lives, Raises Market Share

6/10/14 How Mullen Brought Century 21 Into the 21st Century With Fun, Fast Social Ads

6/10/14 J.C. Penney Aims Marketing Squarely at Latinas

6/09/14 Which World Cup Sponsors Are Resonating With Fans?

6/09/14 With Hillshire Deal, Tyson Goes for the Breakfast Business

6/08/14 Sheryl Sandberg: Rethinking Marketing to Women

6/08/14 Dove's New Ad Shows What Dads Really Do

6/07/14 Applied Science: In Pitching Veggies to Kids, Less Is More

6/05/14 The Cabbage Patch Kids Get a Makeover

6/05/14 Five Classic Packaging Techniques That Aren't Going Away

6/5/14 Top Brands Sign Up Early For M2Moms® – The Marketing to Moms Conference

6/05/14 Pinterest Adds Do-It-Yourself Advertising to Promoted Pins

6/05/14 How Brands Can Reach New, Younger Audiences With Social Media Branding

6/05/14 Bloggers, Mothers, Fathers Or Not, Mean Business

6/04/14 King Arthur Flour Targets Young Bakers In Bid to Boost Recognition

6/04/14 Faced with Labeling Legislation, CPGs Struggle to Brand Non-GMOs

6/04/14 Google Opens Exclusive Video Ad Market for Select Publishers and Brands

6/04/14 What are you playing at? Kellogg, Coca-Cola and Cloetta accused of ‘sneaky’ advertising to kids in the UK

6/04/14 Targeting Still a Hurdle for Marketers

6/04/14 Walgreens offers talking prescription devices

6/03/14 Panera's Wholesome Food Policy Promises 'Clean Ingredients'

6/03/14 Dad Has the World's Toughest Job, Too, and It's Nothing Like Mom's

6/03/14 P&G's Green Effort Is Growing, But Critics, Consumers See Room for Improvement

6/03/14 Engage with Your Customers. There’s a Lot to Learn.

6/03/14 It’s Women Who Press the “Pin” Button

6/02/14 Can Harley-Davidson Finally Woo Women?

6/02/14 Amazon and Mattel create Fireman Sam content hub for kids

6/02/14 Well-Pict, Produce for Kids, Meijer Get Healthy

6/02/14 Subway Is Giving Away Free Sandwiches. Will Franchisees Pick Up the Tab?

5/30/14 Coca-Cola Partners With OPI Nail Polish

5/30/14 When a Brand is Iconic, Words are Not Required

5/30/14 The Companies With the Best (and Worst) Customer Service Ratings

5/30/14 Benjamin Moore Expands Marketing Palette

5/29/14 Everything old is new again: The return of 5 classic food brands

5/29/14 Cheerios Debuts New Protein-Enriched Line

5/28/14 A Girl Gets Mothers to Start Biking Again

5/28/14 Is Social Media Killing Your Brand?

5/27/14 FTC Calls for Restrictions on Consumer Data Collection

5/27/14 Stock those Toy Shelves: Here Come the Millennial Moms

5/26/14 Nestea Plunges Back Into US Beverage Market with Renewed Campaign

5/26/14 The ROI: Sephora, This Moment Share Results of Pinteresting Beauty Board Launch

5/26/14 Dairy Queen Finds a Summer Love: The S’more

5/22/14 Millennial Mothers in the UK Are Massively Mobile

5/22/14 McDonald's CEO Defends Marketing Practices to Kids

5/22/14 Unilever sells Ragú, Bertolli for $2.15b

5/22/14 Honey Maid's Gary Osifchin Talks Real Families

5/21/14 Infographic: What Motivates and Agitates Mom Bloggers

5/21/14 Marketers Use Facebook Despite Believing It May Be Ineffective

5/21/14 Nielsen’s Expands Twitter TV Ratings — Now Includes Demographic Info

5/20/14 Hershey Crowds The Candy Aisle With Product Launches

5/20/14 Why 2014 is the year of sustainability

5/19/14 Bridgestone Targets Women, Mothers, Safety-Conscious

5/19/14 Ryanair Woos Families, Executives as Profit Falls

5/19/14 Personal Care Brands Have Best Reputation Among Mothers

5/16/14 Jessica Simpson's $1 Billion Retail Empire: 'I Understand Women'

5/16/14 Should the Food Industry fear 'Fed Up?'

5/15/14 Millennial, Gen X Mothers in Canada Spend Money via Mobile

5/15/14 Is Your Brand To Dye For? From Food to Clothing, Consumers are Concerned

5/14/14 Influencer Marketing: The Metrics That Matter Most

5/14/14 Mom's Thoughts Featured In LG Appliance Campaign

5/13/14 Frozen-Food Makers Launch $30 Million Image Campaign

5/13/14 How AOL Tapped Into the Power of Mom and Became No. 1

5/13/14 Frigidaire Innovations Give Families More Time

5/13/14 The Produce Mom, Brands to Host Twitter Party

5/13/14 Walmart Sets the Stage with Commitment to Solar Energy

5/13/14 Brandcameo: Watch Godzilla Eat, Crush and Terrorize 16 Brands

5/13/14 Branding Begins at Home

5/13/14 Coca-Cola Pours Itself Some More Keurig

5/12/14 Mother’s Day Social Media Review: The Brands That Did It Right

5/12/14 Mondelez Bridges Gap Between Real-Time and Real Results with Project Sprout

5/12/14 What Comes After Millennials? Generation Salad

5/12/14 Brand Blogs Get Highest ROI from Weekend Posts

5/12/14 Hillshire Brands to buy Pinnacle Foods in $6.6b deal

5/12/14 Hydrox Cookies to Return

5/12/14 Pinterest's First Paid Ad Partners: Gap, Target, General Mills

5/09/14 Stay-at-Home Vs. Working: Different Choices, Similar Challenges

5/09/14 What Do Moms Want for Mother's Day?

5/09/14 Moms Are Car Decision Makers - Tough News For Midsize Cars

5/09/14 Amy Poehler Propels New Bounce at Old Navy

5/08/14 Here Are the 10 Brands Moms Like Most Right Now

5/08/14 What Marketing Is Now Really All About

5/08/14 Amazon Dominated Online Retail Sales in 2013

5/08/14 The Greening of Business Travel Gains Momentum

5/08/14 Kashi Settles 'All Natural' Lawsuit for $5m

5/08/14 Advertising: Simmons Spends Big on Star Power

5/07/14 Huffy Bikes Go From Boys to Mom

5/07/14 Ad of the Day: It Wouldn't Be Mother's Day Without P&G Making You Weep

5/06/14 How Itau Became Brazil's Most Valuable Brand

5/06/14 Pinterest Ads Are Invading Google’s Search Turf

5/05/14 Retailers Look to Merge Offline and Online Shopping Experiences in 2014

5/01/14 Writing Mother's Day Cards at Hallmark: An Inside Look

5/01/14 Total Market Debate Dominates AHAA Hispanic Conference

5/01/14 Smartphones Are In-Store Shopping Companions

5/01/14 Oh, Baby: Uber Reportedly Exploring a Family Service

5/01/14 Wal-Mart's Sustainability Efforts Critical to Suppliers

4/30/14 Newman's Own Enters Greek Yogurt Market

4/30/14 Marketing Demographics: Nine Facts about the New Face of America

4/30/14 Marketing To The Mompreneur Generation

4/30/14 What Advertisers Need to Know About Facebook's Mobile Ad Network

4/29/14 Toy Industry 'Among Largest to Rely on Gender Specific Packaging', says EasyFairs

4/29/14 Consumers To Spend Big On Mama

4/28/14 Kimberly-Clark's New Hispanic Program Aims at General Market

4/28/14 General Mills Explores Peas in Search of the Next Superfood

4/28/14 Mobile, Social Driving 36% Of In-Store Sales

4/25/14 Demographics Expected To Drive Cold Cereal Comeback

4/24/14 Hershey Slows Ad Spending, Focuses on Biggest Brands

4/24/14 Marketers Must Give Consumers Control

4/24/14 Walmart rolling out email receipts

4/24/14 Dole Hits the Road Again for Banana Marketing Tour

4/23/14 Dr Pepper Snapple Group Trims Marketing Budget

4/22/14 Burt’s Bees Puts Promotional Messages in Appointment Calendars

4/22/14 Kids, Hispanics Most Gung-ho Recyclers

4/22/14 The Connected Campaign: Why Social and TV Make a Powerful Advertising Combination

4/22/14 Grocers Go Green with Earth Day Tweets

4/22/14 Cake Boss Expands Grocery Offering

4/21/14 Boston Winners? Hancock, New Balance ... And Kleenex

4/21/14 Simplicity Is 'Devine' For New Paint Line

4/21/14 Hasbro's Profit Helped by Girls' Toys

4/21/14 Elsa's Frozen Dress: The Hottest Gown in Town

4/21/14 Consumers Favor Small Businesses Because of Their Customer Focus

4/21/14 Chobani expands beyond yogurt

4/20/14 Conservative Christian Activists Have Some Major Brands in Their Sights

4/18/14 Cocoa Grind Up But Will Chocolate Prices Grind Consumers Down?

4/18/14 Content Marketing And The Modern Mom

4/17/14 Why Food and Beverage Advertisers Should Be Worried About Pom v. Coca-Cola

4/16/14 Surviving Facebook’s 1% Brand Reach

4/16/14 General Mills to sell oatmeal for Keurig

4/15/14 Companies Try to Get Kids Hooked on Fish Sticks

4/14/14 Lindt Teddy Has Its Picnic But Haribo Trademark Row Will Rumble On

4/14/14 Maxwell House Seeks To Sell People On 'Good' Again

4/14/14 The Huge Opportunity E-Commerce Marketers Are Overlooking

4/10/14 How Target Secured a Pipeline of New Products From Top Brands

4/10/14 Wal-Mart Attempts the Holy Grail: Low-Cost Organic Food

4/10/14 CPG Brands See Better Engagement, Reach with Digital Video

4/09/14 Social-Change Agent Tupperware Creating Women Entrepreneurs Globally

4/09/14 Dove Launches Fake 'Beauty Patch' in Latest Play for Viral Glory

4/09/14 P&G Sheds Pet-Care Business to Mars in $2.9 Billion Deal

4/09/14 Moms Pay Whatever It Takes for No-Mess Crafts

4/09/14 This Easter, Stores Expect Half-Hearted Sales Hop

4/09/14 AT&T to Switch Its Advertising Message

4/08/14 Everyday Peeps Break Out of the Easter Basket

4/08/14 Goya puts $250 million into expansion

4/08/14 More US moms are staying at home with kids: study

4/08/14 7 key findings about stay-at-home moms - Pew Research Center

4/08/14 Native Advertising Won't Boost Sales, Influencers Will

4/07/14 Creating packaging that connects with consumers

4/07/14 Kohl's Revamped Marketing Goes for the Heartstrings

4/07/14 Capri Sun Rolling Out New Packaging, Campaign to Clear Up Mold Complaints

4/07/14 Hearst Rolls Out Cross-Brand Beauty Initiative

4/04/14 The Sticky Methods Of Marketing Cereal To Kids

4/04/14 The Rising Influence Of The Latina And How To Reach Her

4/04/14 Beech-Nut adopts a homemade style with new baby food line

4/03/14 NHTSA Launches National Ad Campaign to Combat Texting and Driving

4/03/14 Lego Crowdsources Its Way to New Toys

4/03/14 Retailers Still Fall Short of Online Shipping Promises

4/02/14 American egg consumption has dropped

4/02/14 A Look at How Women Grocery Shop

4/01/14 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Gets a Makeover

4/01/14 How General Mills Is Creating a Content Factory

4/01/14 Cookie Monster helps kids, families 'eat brighter!'

4/01/14 Digital Marketing Comes of Age for CPG Brands

4/01/14 Kimberly-Clark CMO Urges End To Status Quo

4/01/14 Brand Purpose Drives Digital At General Mills

3/31/14 Women Spend $300 Billion Per Year on Auto Repair

3/31/14 A Growing Number of E-Commerce Sites Are Moving Into Print

3/27/14 Amazon Plans to Launch Free Ad-Supported Streaming

3/27/14 Ads Kids See Shape Beliefs As Adults

3/27/14 Social Puts A Backbone Into Brands

3/27/14 Walmart, Ahold, P&G execs honored

3/26/14 How Loyal Are Millennials to Brands?

3/26/14 Marketers Are Confused Over Meaning and Focus of Brand Purpose

3/26/14 Brands Must Turn to the Dark Data Side

3/25/14 Walgreen Isn’t Quite Ready to Quit Smoking

3/25/14 Fisher Price recruits mothers to join its toy testers network

3/25/14 Helping Brands Manage Social in a New Way

3/25/14 Consumers to candy makers: ‘You have 3 seconds to get my attention!’

3/25/14 For True Brand Loyalty, Build Contextual Marketing Strategy Into Your Brand: Part 1

3/24/14 How Playtex Mastered the Sippy Cup

3/24/14 Nissan, Subway, Post Foods Join Hispanic Campaign

3/24/14 Pinterest Readies for Its Big Ad Business Rollout

3/24/14 US retailers pressed to remove candy from checkout zones

3/23/14 Retailers Are Finding That Data Vulnerability Can Undo Years of Brand Equity

3/20/14 Restaurants Pass on Fat Food Costs, Grocery Chains Swallow Them

3/20/14 Retailers Struggling To Close Digital Divide

3/19/14 Mothers Adopt Digital Discounts, but Still Clip Coupons

3/19/14 How 'Showrooming' Can Help, Not Hurt, Bricks and Mortar Retail

3/19/14 V is for Vidalia’ campaign targets millennials

3/18/14 Cracker Barrel In 'Deliciously Different' Campaign

3/18/14 Interactive packaging: What the world is waiting for?

3/17/14 Women: The Global Economic Engine

3/17/14 Attorneys General Urge Retailers to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

3/17/14 Facebook Drives 3.5x More Traffic to News Websites Than Google

3/17/14 Crunch Pak apples joins Disney for ‘Frozen’ promotion

3/14/14 Obamacare Ads Enlist Your Mom

3/14/14 Dannon Joins Campaign for Healthier Food Options

3/14/14 Hispanics: A Segment Marketers Can't Afford To Ignore

3/14/14 Three Strategies McDonald's Is Using to Lift Sales

3/14/14 Kids Are Heard but Not Seen in Haribo's Hilariously Kooky Candy Ads

3/14/14 Dannon teams up with Michelle Obama

3/13/14 Fresh produce sales rise 4.8% as consumers eat more fruits and veggies

3/13/14 How Consumable Brands' TV Ads Performed In 2013

3/12/14 Cruise Ships Now Depend on Parents Bringing the Kids Along

3/12/14 Winning CPGs, Across Sizes, Employ Similar Strategies

3/12/14 ConAgra, P&G Put Rivalries Aside To Fight Childhood Hunger

3/12/14 Girls Run the Social Media World!

3/11/14 Report names top 10 new food and beverage brands

3/11/14 Kids Need a Cool Lunch Box, And Marketers Know It

3/11/14 Playing on the Edge: Diet Coke’s ”You’re On” Campaign

3/11/14 Five Big Data Principles to Guide Your Marketing Strategies

3/10/14 Advocacy Group: Ad Research Overlooks Disabled

3/10/14 Ad Campaigns Are Finally Reflecting Diversity of U.S.

3/07/14 Getting Your Share Of The Millennial Wallet

3/07/14 Surges 84% in Public Debut - Fox Business

3/06/14 Taco Bell, Kraft Expand Grocery Deal With New Items

3/06/14 Hershey exceeds its own environmental expectations

3/05/14 Standing Firm on Mobile Denial, Nintendo Looks to Focus on Health and Fitness

3/05/14 Old Navy Taps Amy Poehler for New Campaign

3/05/14 Stonyfield and Happy Family come together for new line of yogurts

3/05/14 New Marketing Trends Come With Caution Signs

3/04/14 Perdue Joins All-Natural Crusade with Antibiotic-Free Harvestland Line

3/04/14 Cleaner Plate Club: Kids Eat More Fruits, Veggies at School

3/04/14 Reebok’s New Delta Logo Promotes Fitness as an Essential Hobby

3/03/14 2014 US Women’s Car Buying Report: Key Findings

3/03/14 M&M's cookies: Mars and Kellogg team up

3/03/14 Advertising: Selfies, Pizza and Promoting Brands at the Oscars

3/03/14 Child Obesity Rates Are Down, But Who Should Get the Credit?

3/03/14 Disney Is Latest Brand to Cut Funding to Boy Scouts Over Anti-Gay Policy

3/03/14 And the Oscar Goes to...Female Social Networkers

3/03/14 New partnership for SodaStream: Sunny Delight

3/03/14 Food industry to develop own nutrition label

3/02/14 With New Rewards Card, Amex Focuses on Busy-Mom Market

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